Munkfors Bandsaw Blades

Munkfors Bandsaw Blades

Munkfors bandsaw blades incorporate a unique manufacturing technology to guarantee blade products with high quality and long life.

IBEX teamed up with Munkfors over 20 years ago to bring you the best blading available on the market today. Munkfors has been leading the blading business since 1948 and has developed their unique patented profile-grinding method to produces blades which:

  • are sharper
  • cut cleaner
  • produce less material waste
  • last longer
  • cause fewer production disruptions


The Munkfors Manufacturing Process
  • Munkfors select strip steel from the world’s leading steel manufacturers
  • From this strip they grind the blades teeth with a patented profile grinding method
  • This grinding gives an extremely sharp edge over a traditional punched or mill method
  • The quality of strip steel and the patented profile grinding method produce sharper cutting edges and high quality blades tooth after tooth after tooth
Maintaining the Standards

To deliver the best final product we take the Munkfors coil, and carefully cut & weld the product. The coil is cut and tooth matched to ensure the final blade has a continuous teeth numbers through the welded area. The blade is then welded and cleaned to give a well-balanced blade to ensure maximum cutting potential, and to produce accurate cutting and better final product appearance.

Right Product for the Job

For every cutting operation, IBEX can supply the right bandsaw blade for the specific application. Whether it is for chicken, fish, beef or lamb, frozen fresh or chilled, bone in or out, IBEX has the blading solution for you.

Service & Delivery

IBEX prides itself on its customer service. With the unpredictable nature of the industry, IBEX’s policy is to ensure that we can supply the right product at the right price immediately. We have invested heavily to ensure that we are able to deliver the product to you when you need it the most.

Combined with our own manufactured products, our agency lines ensure we are a one stop shop for our customers’ production needs.

Brands that IBEX distributes in New Zealand, include:

Contact IBEX to find out how we can work together, to meet your specific needs.

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