sterilAir UVC Disinfection Devices


Sturdy conveyor belt disinfection unit


Simple surface disinfection system


Ceiling spotlight with reflector

sterilAir leads the way in the successful development and manufacturing of UVC disinfection devices and components.

With over 70 years of developing environmentally and health friendly UVC technology for the disinfection of surface, air and water, sterilAir provides a wide range of systems for various applications within the food processing, medical, air conditioning, ventilation, building, and livestock breeding industries.

sterilAir has proven results of the highest standards in disinfection, helping companies maximize profits and increase hygiene by reducing downtime required to sanitize food production surfaces, improving food and air quality from reduced contamination.

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Surface Disinfection

Sterile packages and transportation belts are one of the most important prerequisites in the food industry to maintain hygiene and quality of dairy products, meat and fresh produce. With UVC radiation, safe and reliable disinfection is guaranteed - without unfavourable effects of heat or unwanted additives, without any residue and within the shortest space of time.

Conveyor Belt Disinfection

In conveyor belt disinfection, sterilAir established a widespread standard in the design of systems for substructure installation. This installation type effectively prevents contact contamination of meat and fresh produce.

Belts and containers remain free from contamination even under continuous shifts, reducing downtime from shutdowns to sanitize food production surfaces.  More production time means more yields!

Systems for surface disinfection

Superstructure systems are the traditional UV systems for surface disinfection. The UVC radiation is bundled with the assistance of special reflectors and then focused on the surface to be disinfected. The high radiation intensity incapacitates microorganisms in the shortest time possible. The very low surface temperature of the sterilAir appliances (~ 41 °C) also allows safe disinfection for materials that are sensitive to heat.

Air Disinfection

The conventional ventilation and air circulation systems are not effective in preventing exposure to bacteria, viruses and microorganisms in enclosed areas.  In food production air circulation systems, the spread of microorganisms leads to mould or reduced product quality.

With comparatively low investment, reap the benefits of the sterilAir UVC disinfection of reduced infection from air-borne germs and improved food quality in food processing areas.

There are different types of sterilAir air disinfection installations to suit the room space, purpose and amount of food traffic:

  • Air Recirculation Units – suitable for industrial and commercial areas such as food production rooms and laboratories, and are easy to install and maintained
  • Wall Mounted Systems – a great for regular room space with normal foot traffic
  • Ceiling Mounted Systems – generally used in production areas or laboratories where intensive air disinfection is vital
  • HVAC Systems – which can be retrofitted in existing air conditioning units


Industrial air disinfection unit


Laboratory air disinfection system


Wall-mounted system with protective grille

Water Disinfection

UVC treatment of water does not cause any of undesirable side effects that chemical disinfectants do – corrosion, foaming and odour formation, to name a few. It is a purely physical process that does not generate any undesirable side effects or residues. At the same time, the cost efficiency of this disinfection method is impressive.