Siebeck String Tying Machines

Siebeck offers a wide range of fully and semi-automatic string tying machines for meat and poultry, suitable for the meat processing and retail environments.  Backed by decades of experience (since 1907), the Siebeck machines have proven themselves globally in reliability and quality performance with minimal maintenance.

Add value to your products with improved appearance and maximum yields - fresh, cured, marinated or coated meat cuts and poultry.

Chicken Trussing Machine - FRT-MF

Improved ergonomics reduce operator back and arm strain and wrist problems resulting in higher productivity. The Siebeck trussing system can be used for a wide variety of presentation options to suit national preferences. Whichever method you choose the chicken legs will be held together to give the finished bird a natural, symmetric plumb-breasted appearance.

Tying Machines Series M

This range of machines combines high performance with excellent reliability to offer maximum productivity.

Processing plants are able to yield quality products in less time, with fewer operators and at lower cost.