MAJA - Derinding Machines and Membrane Skinners

Ibex now distributes MAJA Food processing equipment. Founded in 1955, MAJA are market leaders in producing machinery for the Food Processing Industry including derinding, defatting and membrane skinners, skinning machines for fish and poultry, automation solutions and cutting systems. 

MAJA machines are not just measured by excellent yield, but they also help the food processing companies to meet with the stringent sanitation requirements.

Derinding Machines

Derinding machines from MAJA belong to the standard equipment of butcheries and industrial meat processors. They allow economical time-saving and safe removal of the rind (skin) from all pork cuts. MAJA offers a huge variety of conveyorized derinding machines for automatic operation, manual (open) derinders for processing of round-shaped cuts as well as combined machines for a wide range of applications.

MAJA Membrane Skinning

MAJA Membrane Skinning Machines help to add value to your fresh meat cuts. Membranes are removed in a very economical way without red meat or damaging the sensitive meat surface.

The MAJA range includes solutions for handcraft butcheries and for industrial processors. They include open membrane skinners for manual operation and also fully automatic skinning systems for industrial applications.

MAJA Poultry Skinning

The basic principle of the proven MAJA derinding technology has been transferred to the MAJA poultry skinning machines. Various machine types are available in order to meet with the special characteristics of different poultry products. No matter whether for turkey or for chicken, for sensitive breast fillets or for robust drumsticks, for cuts with bones or deboned pieces - MAJA can offer a suitable solution for nearly every application.

MAJA Fish Skinning

With the MAJA fish skinning machines nearly all types of freshwater and saltwater fish can be skinned in an optimum way. MAJA machines range from compact table machines and manual fish skinners to automatic conveyorized machines for processing up to 10 tons of salmon fillets per day, which is highly appreciated by the salmon processors. The MAJA-patented deep-skinning system allows a yield increase of up to 3 % compared to usual methods of deep-skinning!