Euroflex Protective Gloves and Aprons

Euroflex Chain Mesh Gloves

Euroflex range of mesh gloves feature stab protection – Euroflex designed the first stab protection glove with patented band change system, incorporating a fully hygienic polyester rubber band in wide fabric loops, creating the perfect mix of long-term hygiene and maximum comfort.

Designed for the left or right hand:

  • Easy to wear, fits perfectly, totally hygienic
  • Easily replaceable buckle and button
  • Heavy Duty Latex strap, hygienic and water repellent
  • Colour coded, simple glove size indicator
  • Easy to clean & disinfect
  • Seamless design for improved comfort and fit
  • Different cuff length options for preferred safety requirements according to operator's task
  • 7 sizes available to suit different hand shapes

Providing the best possible shape:

  • Ring weave made of chrome-nickel steel wire: 0,55mm Gauge, ring size internal/external 2.9/4.0mm
  • Each ring individually welded. Seam free for best possible shape
  • Band led through ring weave for safe support and easy replacement by the wearer
  • Manufacturer's 12-month warranty on the ring mesh welds
  • Flexible and hygienic inserts of forearm cuff to improve stability and comfort
  • Heavier mesh rings for strength and durability

Euroflex Aprons

Euroflex - The safety apron with the built in fit:

  • Wide hygienic straps for additional comfort
  • Mid-section cross weave design for the waist
  • 3 apron length options to suit operators height and application
  • 3 possible adjustments through X-belt and suspender belt
  • Superior ring mesh for hygiene and durability compared to disc designs
  • 3 years manufacturer's warranty
  • Chrome-nickel wave with single welded rings. 0.8mm gauge, ring size 7mm

IBEX Repair Service

For a fraction of the cost of a new glove or apron, IBEX offers a low-cost, excellent value repair service.