IBEX Electric (AC) Trimmer

Quick Overview: 

Now IBEX provides a simpler and lower cost trimmer alternative to increase yields, save on operating costs and reduce downtime with the IBEX Electric AC Trimmer.

Powered by an AC motor which drives the rotation of the blade through a flex shaft cable, this is what we know as the “traditional” electric trimmer, but with a distinctive upside – the IBEX EBC Trimmer Heads. You can now have all the benefits of the proven IBEX EBC Trimmer Heads in an AC electric cable driven trimmer.

What is more – The IBEX AC Trimmer fits into most existing AC drive motors.

For minimal investment and little change to your current productions set-up, it is easy to make the change to IBEX. Simply swap out the current head assembly, hand piece and flex shaft cable with the IBEX version and plug into your current AC motor.

Click here to download the IBEX AC Electric Trimmer Brochure.

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